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This section of the Sunny Leand website is where all visitors get to offer their valuable financial or business expertise and knowledge in the shape of a guest blog post. A considerable part of my work involves helping others on their financial journey by arming them with the necessary skills and information needed to succeed with their goals. I firmly believe that by every member contributing a blog post to this site, based on their own experiences and knowledge, we can offer confidence to all who choose to access their content from this website.

If this idea sounds of great interest to you, and you would like the opportunity to be able to write for a progressive site such as this, take a look through the following article which offers guidance and advice on what steps to take next, and then get in touch with me below with your thoughts.

A List of Topics Which I Am Looking for To Accept Guest Blog Posts Based On

As I began constructing the Sunny Leand website, I did a little research of my own into what subjects, issues, and topics were more than likely to be requested when people performed a search on the internet for financial and business-related articles. I then compared this to what I knew my clients, both past, and current, requested from their reading material. The result is an extensive list of topics which I believe cater to every preference:

  • Business Topics
  • Credits and Loans
  • Financial News
  • Insurance
  • Investment Tips
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Money Making ideas
  • Mortgages
  • Personal Finance
  • Retirement
  • Small Business
  • Taxes

However, I know that over time, there will be more subjects that arise which will gain attention, and some that will become trending topics overnight! Therefore, this is the section of the site which I keep a close eye on and update or modify when I believe it needs refreshing.

If you find yourself disagreeing with me and believe there is something obvious that I am missing from this list, please don’t be afraid to get in touch and let me know. After all, this section of the site is aimed at you, the visitor, so I want to ensure I get it right for you to continually enjoy.

Alternatively, if you would really like to see a category placed on this list, once again let me know about it, and I will look at its suitability and popularity to be included in further updates to the topic list.

Further Help for Those Beginners Who Are Keen to Write for My Website

I understand that for those who have never written for a website before, the process can seem somewhat daunting. I often get requests from visitors to the site who have so much valuable knowledge to impart but having not written for a blog before, they do not know where to start.

Because I would hate for lack of initial confidence to stop anybody from getting involved with this part of the site, I have managed to compile a list of sample article titles as a guide to the types of potential blog posts the many viewers of this website are always keen to read more about. Hopefully, this will give you some idea of the kind of content that is regularly accessed on this site and give you that little confidence boost when it comes to compiling your blog post:

  • Where Do I Begin When Looking at Managing My Own Personal Finances for The First Time?
  • Where Can I turn to For Help with My Small Business Ideas?
  • How Do I Make the Jump from Employee to Employer?
  • What Marketing Techniques Can My Small Business Utilize while on A Tight Budget?
  • What Podcasts Should I be Listening to This Year for All My Relevant Business and Financial Topics?

Why I Encourage All Visitors to Contribute to My Blog

I know that there are thousands of you out there reading this blog that have an immense amount of business or finance experience which you could offer your fellow community members:

Some of you may be employees who have risen through several departments in the industry and have many a tale to tell!

Some of you may be just starting out with your own business or entrepreneurial journey and want to engage others with your experiences so far.

Some of you may even own or work in a more substantial business and just want to impart your many years of experience to help others get further up the career ladder.

Whoever you are, no matter what your background, if you can offer the site a thoughtful and high quality financial or business blog post, you are the person I am looking for to submit to this section of Sunny Leand. Don’t fret about any lack of previous writing skills or your ability to master your grammar and paragraph breaks! Myself and the 13,900 plus visitors are just excited to read your words of wisdom.

Submit a Guest Post to My Blog with Ease

So, that is the hard part over with, now for the easy part; the submission process. You can get in touch with me via the contact form below. This way, once I get your blog post up and running I can credit your name next to your wonderfully constructed piece and, if you would like, provide a mention to one of your social media accounts whereby community members can see for themselves your financial and business credentials as they click onto the link. This is a small way of me thanking you for taking the time out to help the broader community of Sunny Leand.

This industry has a wealth of topics, subjects and trending issues that can affect how we deal with our finance and business matters, so let us work together on creating the best content that we possibly can and empower all the readers of Sunny Leand further!