Ways to Ensure You Keep Up the Motivation at Work

Sometimes it seems that no matter how hard you try, no matter how much you turn up and do the job required of you, you will always leave your role at the end of the day feeling unappreciated. This has become increasingly widespread over the last few years as companies come under stress and find themselves dealing with so much red tape that the concept of employee wellbeing is often at the bottom of their to-do list.

However, for the employees experiencing this feeling of low morale and lack of self-worth daily, it can often make their personal life a living hell as they try and put on a brave face to the world, but ultimately fail each time. Nearly all of us need to work in some capacity to earn a living, but that doesn’t have to mean contending with feelings of angst and dread every time we take a step though that door to our current workplace.

If you find yourself experiencing such feelings, now may be the time to start taking steps towards changing such attitudes and employing some motivational tips.

Implement Goals Into Your Working Day

By working towards a goal, we set out to achieve and hopefully accomplish something in our working day. If you are finding that the appreciation from your employer is currently lacking, it may be entirely up to you to vet your own goals and track your progress as you work towards them.

Perhaps implement a to-do-list or tick chart so that you can visually see how far you are getting during each working day. The sense of achievement that ticking off a box makes you feel is a positive spur to keep you going, and it also helps you remain focused on the job at hand.

Concentrate on Those Smaller of Victories

Bite-sized victories are often the way to go to encourage your mind to eliminate the negative aspects of your thoughts. For example, if you are having a day when almost everything seems to be going wrong it can be easy to get caught up and feel overwhelmed by events.

By looking for the smaller victories, you train your brain to focus and become more aware of what positive aspects are occurring around you, thereby making you more positive in response to the times when things do tend to get a little bit more trying.

Understand the Relevance of Your Work

Sometimes we can feel severely unappreciated when we think our work is considered of little relevance to the company. This can also happen with other members of staff diminishing your role merely because they may fulfill a higher up the ladder role themselves. However, at times like this, it pays to step back and think about where the company would be without the aid of your role.

If you are responsible for answering the company phone, but feel others look at you as having a diminishing role, think about how well you represent the company name and how well received your manner and tone is to potential new customers speaking to your company for the first time.

Alternatively, you may feel that your department is overlooked due to not making a profit as such, but if the company employs you and your colleagues there must be a need for your skills and expertise. Otherwise, a company would not be willing to pay out for all your salaries!

Undertake Some Positivity Before You Begin Your Working Day

Sometimes, when we suffer from low morale in the workplace, our lives outside of the workplace can suffer as a knock-on effect. The best way to combat this is to begin the day doing something which picks you up mentally and reinforces a positive mood for the day ahead. Therefore, many employees like to work out before work or even do some yoga or meditate.

The point is that you get into a better frame of mind and hopefully bring that positive mind frame in with you to work to enable you to face the challenges of the day head-on. It is hoped this type of positivity will also rub off on the rest of your performance, dismissing those overwhelming feelings of not being as appreciated as you believe you should be in the workplace.

Ultimately, most situations can be turned around with a little positivity. However, if you find you are still not getting anywhere, despite implementing such changes into your working life, it may just be time to rethink where you work and decide on whether you may be better off moving somewhere else. You owe it to yourself to be happy and stable during the working day, and if it just isn’t happening for you presently, there is nothing wrong with admitting it and looking at moving on.