My Story

Welcome to the home of Sunny Leand. This is a comprehensive financial blog for everyone to access regardless of their business acumen and status. I want every visitor to be able to take something from the pages of to help them on their financial journey. Before we begin, let me tell you a little about myself and how the website came to be.

My Background

My name is Sunny Leand, and I am the host of this wonderful site you see before you, I was born, raised and still reside in the beautiful city of Los Angeles, USA, which also happens to be the financial center of the state of California. It may come as no surprise then that my role is a personal finance advisor and blogger!

I guess you could say that my finance journey started when I was a small child and has grown enormously throughout childhood to my teenage years and firmly into adulthood. As a child, I was in awe of my most significant role model – my father. He was a small business owner and would regularly take me along to work with him whenever he could to teach me the ropes. More so, I loved the time we spent together, and I credit this happy period with my absolute passion for all things finance even today, so very many years later!

The most excellent advice my father offered me was how to deal with money, both personal and business orientated. He could never stress enough the importance of working hard for a living but also cleverly calculating and looking after your hard-earned money as you did so. It was my father’s advice and the experience he offered me, that I believe gave me a head start and firm grounding in finance. More importantly, it installed a passion for the business and finance industry from a very early age which I believe is amongst just one of the reasons why I continue to work in such a progressive environment.

Moving on from my father’s business, I was then asked to help a friend who was looking to start her own small business, that of a beauty salon, but had no idea of where to begin with the financial side of the company. Realizing I could implement all the skills my father had taught me, I jumped at the chance and soon began dispensing my accounting skills and marketing advice. It was a success, and the first year of this business turned a profit and made me realize that I had a gift for helping the small business market. I knew then that it was it was time to expand my horizons.

Why Sunny Leand Was Created

As I decided to set up business on my own and offer financial consultancy to all small companies, I realized that I could expand my customer base by making my expertise and skills available to a much more comprehensive audience. By creating my very own blog, I could spread the word about the services I offered while connecting with those who were looking for help regarding all things finance and business related.

It had always been my desire to help others achieve their financial goals, and now I could offer this to a much more comprehensive audience, and all by the power of website creation.

What Sunny Leand Offers Visitors

This is the place where you can access anything finance and business related. From managing your personal finances to setting up a small business from scratch, if it is quality advice and guidance that you are looking for, this site will have the most relevant content for you to access at your leisure. By combining my skills and expertise with the latest industry news, alongside some wonderfully written guest blog posts, I hope to make this website the only one you will need to access those vital financial and business-related topics.