How to Increase Your Productivity and Be the Best

Productivity is often inversely proportional to the amount of time you spend doing a task. If you have spent the past few weeks, going back home dissatisfied from work, you need tips to boost your creativity. These tips will help you in performing better at work, at home or even at school. Get ready to give a boost to your efficiency.

Don’t multitask

If there is one sure-shot way to fail, it is to multi-task. Focus only on one task at hand. Prioritize things as Urgent and Important if you really want to make a difference. This will help you in doing all the tasks at the right time. More importantly, you will be able to manage your time in a much better way.

When you multitask, you have to focus on several things at once. As a result of this, you are never able to give your 100% to any one task. This in turn, is counter-productive. This will eventually lead you into a productivity pitfall where it will be difficult to accomplish anything, no matter how small it is.

Make small but effective to-do lists

Always make sure that your to-do lists are small for getting the most productive work day ever. Many people are habitual of creating long to-do lists that overwhelm them. As a result of this, they often feel lethargic and lack motivation even before starting work.

Make sure your to-do lists are small and contain every important task that you have to tackle during the day. You can even make separate to-do lists to make yourself more productive. Instead of piling everything up in one list, make one list for personal tasks and another one for professional tasks. You could also make lists according to priority or urgency. This will help you focus more and get more done as well.

Avoid the distractions

One of the best ways to improve your productivity is to avoid all distractions. This can be done by using noise-cancellation headphones. You can also choose to listen to some good music. This way, you can focus only on the task at hand.

Avoid checking your phone for messages and notifications. You should also ensure that you avoid block or temporarily suspend access to social media sites on your desktop. Though they look completely harmless, social media notifications are a huge distraction. You can’t keep working while chatting with a friend or waiting for the next notification to pop-up.

Designate periods for calls and emails

Don’t keep checking emails and making calls each day. If you receive a lot of phone calls, you can try to ask people to schedule them for a certain time of the day, if not urgent. Don’t check your mail more than twice a day if that isn’t necessary. It will help you in staying focused and getting more done.

These were few of the simplest but most helpful ways in which you will be able to become more productive. If you can put in more work done in 4 hours and enjoy the rest of your day, why not?