Giving Your Customers Payment Choices

If you’re trying to maximize your profits at whatever business you run, you know the importance of giving your customers the most options when it comes to payment choices. If a person potentially only has one way to pay, and you can’t accept that, that presents an issue very quickly. That’s why you should do all of your preparations when it comes to finances ahead of time.

So what are some of these options that customers might expect? You might need to have ATMs on hand if they need to use cash. You can accept digital transfers through the Internet. Maybe you want to invest in mobile credit card readers for point-of-sale opportunities. And you always have to have things where you allow for different cash or check options, especially when it comes to giving change.


If you only accept cash, then you should make sure there is an ATM nearby. If you don’t own this particular ATM, you should at least know where to send people encasing the cash quickly. Some businesses thrive on a cash-only business, but that doesn’t mean that they have to have the opportunity to tell people where to go to get this money quickly.

Digital Transfers

Then there is the matter of getting money through digital transfers. Some common digital money transfer options include Apple Pay, PayPal, or even bank to bank transfers. The one thing that you have to be prepared for is the time it takes to transfer digital money between certain places and your bank. Sometimes there is a waiting period for everything to be verified correctly. That said, especially if you’re trying to give people more options, having accounts at all of the major digital money suppliers is a good idea.

Mobile Credit Card Readers

If you’re trying to accept credit cards when you’re selling things out on the road, you may need to use a mobile credit card reader to your advantage. Some of these can hook into phones or iPads quite easily, and everything is very secure and transparent when it comes to things like transfer fees or taxes. Some companies have even gotten rid of cash registers entirely and instead rely on their iPads and phones.

Cash and Check Options

The two most frequent options when it comes to selling things will often include cash or checks. Though with the onset of digital money movement and efficiency, the prominence of cash and checks is going down, you still need to account for people who utilize traditional methods of payment. Particularly in older demographics, they may be expecting you to be able to accept checks offhand or to give them exact change if they try to pay you with cash.