Cheap and Cool Gift Ideas

We all love giving gifts, don’t we? There is a famous saying that there is more happiness in giving than receiving. We think that is very true. When money is a little tight though and you don’t really have the budget available to properly spoil someone with an expensive gift though, it can make you feel a little disheartened and even worried. However, there is no need to be anxious about not being able to afford quite as expensive a gift as you feel you should give, because a lot of what makes a gift to someone special is the actual feeling and motivation behind it.

That might sound cheesy and cliched, but it’s very true. So, when you are thinking about what to get for someone, regardless of the occasion, you needn’t worry about the cost. In the following post we are going to show you just how easy and inexpensive it is to buy something they will really love with these cool gift ideas.

Gift Cards

Rather than try to pinpoint the best gift for someone, why not give them the chance to pick their own gift. If you know the recipient’s favorite store, you could buy a gift card for there and then they can go along and buy what they want. As well as not being too expensive, it also greatly reduces the chance of them re-gifting or selling on what you have given them.

Tasty Gift Towers

Why not apply the old adage of less is more in a very literal way? For less money than you might expect, you can actually buy a whole pile, or tower to be more precise, of gifts in one package. Gourmet gift towers are as delightful to look at as they are to dive into and explore. Whether the recipient is the world’s biggest chocolate lover or likes artisan bread and cheese, you will find that there is a gift tower for every type of person.

Wine Tasting Course

If the person you are buying a gift considers themselves to be something of a wine connoisseur, you could feed into that passion by booking them onto a wine tasting course. This is a great idea, not only because they get to taste a lot of delicious wine and learn more about the skill involved in tasting wine, you could arrange for you both to do it as a day out together. Be warned though, it might mean that they talk even more about wine.

Day at the Spa

Another option that could double as a way of spending time with them is gifting them a day at the local spa. Who doesn’t enjoy being pampered and taking out some ‘me time’ to de-stress from their busy lives? Even if you only can afford for one or two main treatments, you will both feel the benefit at the end and will be able to face the trials and tribulations of your busy lives again.

Pampering Treats

If a spa day is a little bit out of budget you can always bring the spa to your home! It’s nice to have little treat like lotions and potions to brighten up your morning skincare regime. Often people forget about men when shopping for skincare treats, but they like to be pampered too! Take a look at some of the sets at to find a nice set to indulge the man in your life a little.