3 Tips For Creating A More Environmentally Conscious Business

If you’re running a modern business, you have to do more than just worry about what’s best for you and what directly impacts your bottom line. Modern consumers are not only concerned with buying products that they love, but they also want to purchase products from organizations that they believe in and can feel good about themselves for visiting. Because of this, more businesses than ever are starting to take stock of their own company’s environmental impact. So to help ensure that you’re not losing out on business because you’re seen as environmentally irresponsible, here are three tips for creating a more environmentally conscious business.

Be Smart About Water

One finite resource that everyone should be working to conserve is water. Depending on what type of business you’re running, you might wonder how you could work to conserve water when you’re not generally using a lot of water on a regular basis. But according to Susan Ward, a contributor to The Balance Small Business, your average business could reduce water usage by installing low-flow toilets, creating drought-tolerant landscape design, and providing quality water that your employees can use to fill reusable water bottles. For businesses that do use a lot of water on a regular basis, make sure you have procedures and protocols that will help ensure that there’s as little waste as possible.

Become All About Recycling

Everyone knows that it’s smart to recycle what refuse you can rather than just throwing it in a garbage that will be taken to a landfill. But what many businesses don’t think about is how they can use recycled materials from the get-go. According to Kate Harrison, a contributor to Forbes.com, more business should decorate their offices using recycled furniture rather than buying brand new. Also, if you’re finished with certain hardware or other business materials, consider donating them instead of just letting them sit in storage or throwing them away. Whatever you can get more use out of, do your best to use it up.

Work With Others Focused On Being Environmentally Conscious, Too

If you’re truly committed to being environmentally conscious as a business, you should do your due diligence about the vendors or other businesses that you’re working with as well. According to Nadia Griezans, a contributor to the Huffington Post, you should update your procurement policies so that you’re primarily sourcing your materials from other businesses who do their part for the environment. Ideally, try to buy things locally so that there are even fewer harmful effects from shipping your orders from far away.

For businesses that are looking to be more environmentally friendly, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you find areas where you can improve in your consciousness.